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Elevator Modernization in Buffalo, NY

Elevators have been a facet of commercial buildings for more than a century. Today’s modern elevators offer technological superiority over early models, however the grandeur and charm of original elevators is iconic. There comes a time when form and function must be on the same page, and for this, there’s elevator modernization in Buffalo, NY.

Modernization for elevators can mean a number of different things, but most often it means implementing new features and components, while restoring the original aesthetic of an elevator, to bring it up to modern standards. For example, a business may take an elevator designed in the 1950s, leave the charming façade and update its rigging and counterweight systems to meet modern standards.

Custom elevator re-purposing

In addition to bringing old elevators into the 21st century, a good elevator service company in Buffalo, NY like Bison Elevator Service, Inc. can also afford customers a wide range of other possibilities, including:

  • Customizing an old elevator to meet the unique needs of a particular setting, capacity or customer.
  • Re-Purposing old freight elevators and re-engineering them in a way that accommodates a smaller elevator.

As buildings are renovated and repurposed, so must elevators to ensure they’re within the realm of acceptance in building codes and use statutes. Many other big name elevator companies will simply point out flaws and offer to fix them—Bison Elevator Service, Inc. goes above and beyond to ask for our customers’ opinions about how they want their elevator to look and function before undertaking modernization tasks.

Building modernization

One of today’s modern trends is mixed-use buildings, and people are turning older buildings into multipurpose spaces, incorporating apartment units, hotel rooms, restaurants, etc. all in one building. This in turn, affects the elevator systems. At Bison Elevator Service, Inc., navigating these challenges has become one of our specialties, and we’re ready to work with you to ensure your elevators are meeting any and all needs within a building.

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